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SOMO Men’s Ministries exists to ENGAGE, EQUIP, and MOBILIZE today’s man and today’s local church in Southern Missouri to S.O.A.R. in their daily pursuit of Christ.

S = STRENGTH…to Stand, to Defend, and to Lead.

O = OBEDIENCE…to God’s Word, God’s Ways, and God’s Will.

A = ALIGNMENT…with God’s purpose for your life.

R = RELATIONSHIPS…with God, other Men, and the Next Generation.

To ENGAGE:  Engage the Men of Southern Missouri to DISCOVER and ACCEPT Jesus Christ as Lord, AND to COMMIT to a life-long pursuit of being a fully devoted follower of Christ (disciple).

To EQUIP:  Equip church leadership to establish healthy and vibrant ministries to the men of the local church and their communities.

We will provide the necessary TRAINING and RESOURCES for the local church to build Healthy Men (spiritually, emotionally, and physically).  Healthy Men will help produce healthy families.  Healthy families are the skeletal structure of healthy churches, which is the Body of Christ in action!

To MOBILIZE:  Mobilize men to EMBRACE and EMBODY the mission of The Local Church, and to actively function in the Biblical pattern described in Acts 2:42-47.



REACH (Evangelism/Go) the lost.

CONNECT (Fellowship) with God and those around us in authentic community.

GROW (Discipleship) in knowledge and relationship with God (father), and His Son (Jesus).

We will create and provide resources for men to learn about God and His Word, but also to help them KNOW God and His Word and become a fully devoted follower of Christ.

WORSHIP God for all that He is with all that we are.

SERVE God and others IN, THROUGH, and BEYOND the local church.

We will create structure and provide opportunities for men to SERVE IN, THROUGH, and BEYOND their local church.  We will encourage men to be active in ministries that support the work of the local church, and to create/join teams to address projects that support the work of missions in the District, the U.S., and abroad:

  • Church Improvement Projects (Ch.I.P.)
  • Construction Projects
  • Prayer Task Force
  • Literature
  • Evangelism

GIVE to God and to others.

We will provide instruction and opportunities for men to GIVE to their local church, AND to GIVE to men’s missions initiatives that provide vital literature to our missionaries all over the world:

YIELD to the Holy Spirit to live the Spirit Empowered life God intended.

Through our events and activities, we will seek to provide an ATMOSPHERE for men to encounter the person and presence of the Holy Spirit to be EMPOWERED for daily life, and to be SPIRIT-LED as they lead at home, at church, and in the marketplace.

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