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  • The Southern Missouri Gold Medal of Achievement Association (GMAA) was founded with the following vision in mind:
  • Assist the general Royal Ranger program in developing men of God
  •  To organize GMA recipients into a District-wide Association for the purpose of continued involvement in the Royal Ranger program. 
  • Keep Gold Medal of Achievement recipients active and involved in their local outposts
  • Encourage Gold Medal of Achievement recipients in the mentoring of fellow Rangers, and assisting in their spiritual, physical, mental, and social development
  • Encourage Christian service and Missions trips
  • Motivate Gold Medal of Achievement recipients to continue their own personal advancement
  • Provide unique and advanced camping opportunities for GMA recipients


The GMAA was developed in order to assist in the further spiritual development of Gold Medal of Achievement recipients, encourage continued Royal Rangers involvement, develop leadership skills, and form a bond between GMA recipients.  It is also designed to encourage further advancement, and give opportunities for Christian Service and unique, exciting events and activities. 


Program overview:

In the near future, Lord willing, every GMAA member will receive a gold shoulder cord to signify their membership in the Association (details are being worked out).  In addition, advanced cords of different colors will be awarded for completion of advancement requirements.  These requirements include Scripture memorization, Christian service, leadership in the local outpost, and further advancement in Royal Rangers, through the means of Gold Buffaloes, Leadership Training Camps, FCF, etc.


It is planned to include special camps and activities for the GMAA members.  Ideas for these events would be appreciated.   


Membership requirements:

As listed in the bylaws, the following are the requirements for membership in the GMAA:

  • Must be a born-again Christian.
  • Must be a GMA recipient, boy or commander.
  • A commander who has earned the BSA Eagle Scout will be considered eligible for membership and equal in status to a GMA recipient.  A boy who has earned the Eagle Scout will not be eligible for membership until he becomes a commander or earns the GMA.
  • Must be actively involved in a chartered outpost in the Southern Missouri District and in good standing with it.
  • Must strive to live by the Royal Ranger Code.
  • Must be a good example of Christian living.

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