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2019 District Royal Ranger Dates

Southwest Divisional Race- -March 23 (Set Up-March 22)

Contact Ray L. Reece (417)742-2103

North and South Springfield Sectional Crafting Day-February 9

North and South Springfield Sectional Set Up Day-March 1

North and South Springfield Sectional Race-March 2

Joplin Sectional Set Up-February 22

Joplin Sectional Race-February 23

West Plains Sectional Derby Workshop Lock-in-January 4-5

West Plains Sectional Race-March 16

Northwest Divisional Race-None

Contact Don Bixler (816)478-0315

Kansas City Sectional Race-January 26

Clinton Sectional Race-March 2

Sedalia Sectional Race-None

Northeast Divisional Race-March 2

Contact Kevin LeVart (636)629-2540

Sullivan Sectional Race-None

St. Louis Sectional Race-None

Flat River Sectional Race-None

Southeast Divisional Race-March 2

Contact Ron Blackburn (573)258-2681

Van Buren Sectional Race-February 9

Cape Girardeau Sectional Race-February 15

Kennett Sectional Race-None

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